Sherman is a people person, and he doesn't even need to say anything to make that obvious. His big, warm smile is magnetic. His sneaky giggle is infectious. So, it's no surprise that Sherman is a retired school bus driver.But despite a career dedicated to being an important part of kids' lives, Sherman has had trouble affording an important part of his life: food. That's because his low fixed income often isn't enough for him and his wife to afford the food they need. And on top of that, the couple lives 13 miles from the nearest town, so it's not easy for them to get food.To help make ends meet, they visit a food pantry that receives food from the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana, a member of the Feeding America network.'We'd be hungry if it wasn't for this food,' Sherman said. 'We appreciate it very much.'

誰有資格獲得 CSFP (PAN)?

  • 必須年滿 60 歲
  • 必須是 NTFB 服務的 13 個縣之一的居民:達拉斯、科林、丹頓、埃利斯、亨特、考夫曼、范甯、三角洲、霍普金斯、拉馬爾、格雷森、羅克沃爾和納瓦羅縣
  • 必須符合政府收入準則*

*請致電 (214) 367-3123 或聯繫 CSFP (PAN) 團隊辦公室以了解您是否符合收入條件 csfpteam@ntfb.org。


有興趣報名的人必須訪問我們的其中之一 分發站點 具有以下信息:

  • 帶照片的身份證件(州簽發的身份證件、駕照或出生證明)
  • 由於收入要求,申請人必須熟悉其每月總收入(如果申請人承認多個家庭成員,則必須了解所有總收入的總和)