Kỷ niệm Ngày của Ông bà với Khách hàng của Ngân hàng Thực phẩm, Nhân viên và Bà: Cynthia

It takes a village, they say, to raise a family. And an integral part of this village for many households are grandparents.

As we honor them on Sept. 13 for National Grandparents Day, we are reminded that older Americans have been especially impacted by COVID-19, with increasing health risks from the virus limiting access to some of their essential needs, including food. The Các Chương trình Cao cấp của Ngân hàng Thực phẩm Bắc Texas provide seniors with critical services and have adapted its offerings to fit the current pandemic environment.

To celebrate Grandparents Day and all of the older generations who make our lives so special, we invite you to read about Cynthia, a loving grandmother who not only benefited from food assistance, but is helping others do the same.

Cynthia has worked hard her whole life to provide for her family. She raised two children as a single mother, and today she is a proud grandmother of six.

Meet Cynthia, a special grandmother who helps others benefit like she has from CitySquare’s food pantry.

Cynthia does her best to make ends meet on a fixed income, but it isn’t always enough to keep her from going hungry.

Thankfully, she discovered a food pantry run by one of our Partner Agencies, CitySquare. Cynthia is now able to receive the nutritious protein, fruits and vegetables she needs to stay healthy.

“I love this pantry,” she says. “We are a community.”

Many seniors like Cynthia turn to the North Texas Food Bank for help due to their small, fixed incomes or expensive health conditions. And the pandemic has been especially difficult for this vulnerable population.

That is why we are grateful for caring people in our community who support our mission — and so is Cynthia.

Thankful for the food she receives, she decided to join the food pantry as a staff member so she could help others get the same assistance.

Cynthia spends her days helping children, seniors and families by providing the healthy food they need to thrive.

“It is fulfilling to help others,” Cynthia says, smiling. “It is a blessing.”

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