Reporting Access

Submit Monthly Reports for On-Site and Pantry Feeding Programs

Please help us by reporting accurately and fully to each question.

Please Note: All reports are due by the 1st of each month and are considered late by the 5th of the month.

Please note the current report is a combined report with meals served (only to be completed by onsite programs) and family served (only to be completed by pantries) along with the breakdown of individuals (both types of programs to complete).

Tips for All Reports

  • The Start Date is the first date of the prior month (typically this is the date you will look for to report for the prior month)
    • For example, if this date is 10-1, that entry will be for the month of October.
  • The End Date is the date of the next month.
    • For Example, if reporting for October, 11-1 would be the end date.
  • The Expiration Date is the date used for internal purposes only.

Pantry Reporting Details

This report asks how many unduplicated families, children, adults, and seniors were served in the month. See below for a guide on how to answer the questions on this report.

  • How many total days did you distribute this month?
    • This is the number of days you were open to the public and served clients. Please do not count any one-off days (Ex: you served a walk-in).
  • How many individual households were served this month (unduplicated)?
    • Based on intake forms. Only count the household (families) once.
  • How many total households were served this month?
    • Based on sign-in sheets. Count all the visits, including repeat households served.
  • How many new households were served this month?
    • First-time households that visited your pantry.
  • What percentage of food comes from NTFB?
    • This number is the percentage of food that you received from the North Texas Food Bank, in comparison to the total amount of food used by your agency during the month.

Onsite Reporting Detail

For reporting, only count meals that were served that month:

  1. This number is based on the total number of breakfasts served.
  2. This number is based on the total number of lunches served.
  3. This number is based on the total number of dinners served.
  4. If you serve multiple snacks to the same individuals, you must count all snacks served.

This number is derived from the total number of clients you served. It breaks down into 3 groups, and you only count that individual once per month no matter how many times they come in that month. Most agencies retrieve this data from their sign-in sheets.