Prior to placing your order, please ensure you understand the ordering schedule and other notes about placing your order.

Orders are Ready in Two Business Days

Your order must be received two business days prior to your delivery or requested pick-up date and time. Multiple orders for an agency will be linked by the delivery or pick-up date. We are unable to accept orders more than two weeks in advance of the requested pick-up or delivery date. 

Need Order By: Order Due by Close of Business (5 pm)
MondayWednesday of the previous week
TuesdayThursday of the previous week
WednesdayFriday of the previous week

Delivery Note

If you receive a delivery, your order(s) must be received at least two business days prior to your delivery date and time.


You should receive an acknowledgment email 24-36 hours before your pickup/delivery date. No acknowledgment email? There could be a number of reasons you have not received an acknowledgment. Please check the Order Management section of your account to see if the system shows whether your order has been 'Acknowledged' or 'Released'.

Common Mistakes

  • Order is still in the shopping cart. To place the order, click 'Submit Cart'.
  • Delivery method has not been selected. Please choose pick-up or delivery. Note: You must already be an approved delivery agency to receive delivery. Simply choosing delivery will not cause your order to be delivered.
  • The product quantity ordered is greater than that available. The system is unable to process the order if the shopper has requested more than the available quantity of any item. Pay close attention to quantities when submitting your cart. This must be corrected for your order to be processed. If this occurs, the system will display a popup window with an error message.

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Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for tips on ordering and other common topics. If you still have a question about your order, please contact agencyservicedesk@ntfb.org.