North Texas Food Bank's Strategic Plan

Due to an influx of resources during the Covid-19 response, the North Texas Food Bank was able to distribute a record-level 125 million meals last fiscal year, meeting our strategic goal of 92 million meals, five years ahead of schedule.

Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic expose unprecedented hunger in our community, it challenged the NTFB to think in new, innovative ways to address the elevated need. With these lessons, learnings and gained efficiencies, the food bank board of directors and staff created a new operational strategy to address our region’s immediate and ongoing needs.

nourished community is a thriving community, and we are committed to serve as many of our neighbors in need as possible with the resources that the community makes available.

Grounded in eight key pillars, this strategic plan allows us to optimize both our food distribution and our impact across the North Texas charity ecosystem. Our approach is simple – leverage the NTFB’s resources (nutritious food, funds and capabilities) to respond to emergent food insecurity wherever it exists in a way that simultaneously addresses hunger’s root causes. Of course, all of this is directly fueled by our ability to rally the generous North Texas community in the fight against hunger.

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Providing Food for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

The NTFB will continue to do what we do best, which is to aggregate, procure and distribute nutritious food via our Feeding Network of partner agencies and direct programs across the 13 counties we serve.

We remain committed to agile, efficient operations as well as to stewarding community resources with integrity. As a critical resource to the community, especially during times of disaster, we will work to advocate for community awareness and on behalf of those seeking food assistance.  

As we move forward with a vision to provide Food for Today and Hope for Tomorrow, we also seek to enhance the equitable distribution of food, to broaden our partnerships and to measure our impact beyond simple meal output.

To help make lasting change in the fight against hunger — for our neighbors and our community — we are investing in proven programs and new approaches. 

Learn more about each of our strategic pillars below:

Food Sourcing - We’re finding new ways to increase nutritious food donations, to maximize government resourcing and to lower purchased food costs. Our goal is to provide a reliable, nutritionally-balanced variety of foods for the agencies we serve.

Logistics - We’re leveraging our operational strengths to support the growth of our partner agency Feeding Network. This includes identifying ways to distribute food more efficiently, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and being ever-ready for disaster response.

Food Distribution Network - We’re investing in partners to grow their sustainability and impact, while also growing our direct programming for children, seniors and new communities. This includes using data to better understand the geographic and demographic areas of greatest need, ensuring more-equitable, more-effective food distribution.

Nutrition Education - We’re investing in the long-term health of our community by expanding programs and services that help families make better food choices. This includes sharing knowledge that will help families establish healthy eating habits and utilizing Jan’s Garden as an education center.

Social Services - We’re helping our neighbors access vital food assistance programs that supplement their household income. This includes advocating for food aid legislation on their behalf.

Adjacent Services Partnerships - We’re helping our neighbors become not only more food-secure but more self-sufficient. That means investing in and supporting agencies in our feeding network that provide critical wrap-around services to tackle hunger’s root causes one neighbor at a time, whether focused on financial stability, education and job training, or healthcare. 

Community Engagement - Because we all have a role to play in the fight against hunger, we’re providing meaningful and effective ways to engage and support our community. This includes ensuring our community understands how they can help make a difference through philanthropic giving, volunteering, and advocacy.

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