NTFB Brand Elements

Color Palette

Brand Elements Primary Colors

NTFB’s color palette reflects our optimistic outlook. Our primary color palette for all marketing and advertising materials is Primary Orange and Primary Green. A secondary color palette is available to work in conjunction with the primary palette.

Secondary Color Palette

Please note that specific colors have been selected for a variety of media and are listed beneath each swatch shown here. Take precautions to enter the correct color values listed here, as some of the values may not match each software program’s automatic conversion.

Secondary Colors Redo 08.2


NTFB's primary typeface is Gotham. The font provides a friendly, approachable look for the NTFB brand. In applications where Gotham is not available, the Arial font family may be used. In situations such as publication design that require a serif font, Palatino should be used. However, it is recommended to use Gotham or Arial wherever possible.

Primary Font

Gotham Fonts

Secondary Fonts

Secondary Fonts