Nohemi was pregnant with her fifth child at the height of the pandemic.

“I had to leave work because they put me on bed rest,” she explains. This was difficult for Nohemi. With only one income, two teenagers and two other little ones to care for, she needed a way to keep food on the table for her growing family.

Thankfully, she has access to a Partner Agency food pantry where she can get meat, produce and shelf-stable items that will last. This helps stretch her budget so she can afford all the things she needs for her family – including nutritious food. “My kids love the cereal bars and the applesauce! They all love applesauce,” Nohemi laughs.

Nohemi’s story is a common one. She and her husband were getting by paycheck to paycheck, but when she was on bed rest and unable to work, they became a single income family. And it wasn’t enough to keep the lights on and put food on the table.

One life event put this family at risk of hunger. It’s because of your generous donations that the North Texas Food Bank is able to provide children, seniors and families like Nohemi’s with the nutritious food they need so they don’t have to worry.