Most Needed Food Items

Your Food Donation Provides Nourishment and Hope to Our Hungry Neighbors

General Can Photo
  • Peanut Butter, 16 oz not mixed with other items like jelly, honey, chocolate
  • Canned Fruit, 15-16 oz
  • Shelf-stable Milk, 8 oz not flavored with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry
  • Canned Tuna, 5 oz
  • Canned Chicken, 5 oz
  • Low-sodium Canned Vegetables, 15-16 oz
  • Trail Mix, 1-2 oz bags

Please do not donate any items in glass containers

Food Item of the Month

Every month, NTFB has a different food item and/or theme that you can highlight during your canned food drive to encourage donations!

November is Peanut Butter Lovers and National Diabetes Awareness Month!

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. Collect low-sugar peanut butter or other nut butters.

Apples and Pears

December is National Pear Month!

December 1st is Eat a Red Apple Day! Donate stone fruits like apples and pears by collecting low-sugar applesauce cans/pouches and canned pears.

Beans, pasta, and whole grains

January is Winter Warmer Month!

January 6th is Bean Day! Donate whole grains like pasta, rice, oatmeal, and dried or canned legumes.

February is Canned Goods Month!

February 4th is Homemade Soup Day and every fourth Thursday is Chili Day. Donate soup, chili, or other canned goods.

Boxes filled with canned goods and whole grains

March is Nutrition Month!

Donate canned proteins, low-sugar nut butters, and whole grains.

Boxes filled with canned goods and whole grains

April is Garden Month!

April 6th is Fresh Tomato Day, April 15th is Banana Day, April 16th is Day of the Mushroom, April 19th is Garlic Day, and April 30th is Raisin Day.

Collect low-sodium canned vegetables and canned fruit in 100% juice, or light syrup.

Salad with eggs and tomatoes

May is Beff, Egg, and Salad Month!

May 26th is Brown Bag It Day. Collect canned proteins to donate.