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College Hunger By the Numbers

With an increasing number of non-traditional students, including parents who’ve returned to school, first-generation students and those who are working full-time while attending college, the need for food assistance is also growing, with at least 34 percent of college students across the U.S. reporting that they face hunger, according to an NCES study. Food insecurity can harm a student’s ability to reach their educational and professional goals. The North Texas Food Bank is working to close the hunger gap among students.

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Does My College Have a Pantry?

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"Having those opportunities to get a snack or breakfast here, it just helps you to maintain focus. 'Ok, I don't have to worry about this one thing.' The North Texas Food Bank has been a great help with that."

- Chris, Veteran and Full-time Student

Partner Spotlight: Dallas College Pop-Up Pantry

Dallas College has established nine food pantries across its campuses that offer students and the community access to nutritious food, snacks and other items. However, Stephanie Harris, the associate dean over basic needs and connections, says they know many students aren’t aware the pantries exist.

To help spread the word and make food more accessible, she and her team host Pop-Up Pantry events where they offer easy-to-grab snacks and drinks from a table that’s set up in a highly trafficked area on campus.

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“Students may just park in front of their class, get in, and leave without knowing that we have a pantry on campus,” she says, adding that they schedule Pop-Ups during mid-terms and finals when demand for food is higher. “The idea is to make our food pantry more accessible and to raise awareness.”

By handing out bags of chips and other snacks from a table, Stephanie says they’re also normalizing food assistance and breaking the stigma associated with visiting the pantry. Along with food, the table offers resources on SNAP, Medicaid and virtual nutrition classes.

“If you don’t have nutrition in your body, it’s hard to focus and to stay awake. It’s hard to comprehend and retain knowledge,” she says. “Sometimes just getting an energy bar or grabbing a bag of chips before you take an exam can improve the way that you learn.”

Read more about Dallas College’s pantry and pop-up pantry program 여기.

Other Food Assistance Options

"As a college student myself, I know how exhausting college life can be and I know food helps you stay motivated in class. Getting those snacks and groceries helps college students stay successful at school."

Mariana, Participant, Full-Time Student

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