Neighbor & Partner Agency Stories

Mother holding two cans of food and pre-teen son holding a bag of carrots

भाई बिल की मदद करने वाला हाथ

पार्टनर एजेंसी
Young white woman with brown hair wearing a denim jacket and mask

Neighbor Brandie

Amazing Grace
Black woman ith a red blouse smiling

Benaye Wadkins Chambers

Crossroads Community Services
White man in a red polo shirt leaning against a wall with hanging pictures

Tracy Eubanks

Older white man in a grey polo and hat at CitySquare

Neighbor Glenn

नगर चौक
White woman with blonde hair leaning against a brick wall

Teresa Jackson

Sharing Life
Older black woman wearing a cheeta print mask sitting in the drivers seat of a car

Neighbor Sylvia

मोबाइल पेंट्री
Old white man with white hair wearing a mask outside

Neighbor Ted

Amazing Grace
Dave Headshot 1

Dave Woodyard

Catholic Charities of Dallas