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Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

As we head into Thanksgiving week and our 40th anniversary celebration year begins to wind down, the North Texas Food Bank has so much to be thankful for. Most importantly,...
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Introducing NTFB’s Newest Affinity Group, SinHambre

SinHambre, the North Texas Food Bank’s newest partnership in the fight against hunger, is dedicated to living up to its name and its Spanish translation to create a world “without...
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Feeding Partner Spotlight: Local Good Center

The North Texas Food Bank is honored to work alongside more than 400 food pantries and other community organizations in its Feeding Network in the fight against hunger in North Texas. Across 13...
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छुट्टी के अभियानों और प्रचारों के माध्यम से आशा दें

हम कई सामुदायिक भागीदारों के लिए आभारी हैं जो पूरे वर्ष नॉर्थ टेक्सास फूड बैंक को देते हैं। और छुट्टियों का मौसम हमेशा आपके लिए कई तरह के अवसर लेकर आता है...
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The Face of Hunger is all Around Us

Everyone should be able to gather with loved ones and share a meal – especially during the holidays. But unfortunately, nearly 700,000 people – including 1 in 5 children –...
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15th Annual Golden Fork Awards

The North Texas Food Bank could not carry out its mission of bridging the hunger gap in our region without the partners and relationships we have in the community. And...
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Meeting the Need Amidst Increased Inflation

Rising inflation, supply chain issues and declining federal aid amidst heightened demand has created a “perfect storm” of events that is both ratcheting up the demand for food while also...
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Fall Recipe: Apple and Sweet Potato Bake

No matter what the temperature is outside, if the pumpkin patches are open, that’s enough for us to get into the fall spirit! It’s a special time of year that...
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Partner Garden Feature: The Giving Garden of Carrollton

People sometimes say, “It takes a village,” to complete a task, and that is true for feeding our community in North Texas. NTFB’s Partner Gardens are part of the “village”...
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