Food Industry Donations

Every year, millions of pounds of food go to waste at all stages of the supply chain. The North Texas Food Bank rescues food and gets it to the hungry families in our community.  If you’re a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, distributor, logistics company, or local food business you can donate now by filling out our Food Industry Donation Form.

What Can Be Donated?

Short-dated product, produce, perishable goods, production overruns, off-specification products, mislabeled (with corrective labeling/information provided), discontinued brands, bulk, private-label brands, salvage, reformulation, customer returns, test product inventory and seasonal items.

Whenever possible, product should be in original boxes or cases with fully intact original containers with labels that are legible; labels must show at minimum: (a) what the product is (b) ingredients (c) net weight (d) distributor.

What Are the Benefits of Donations?

  • Reduction of storage, transportation and dumping fees
  • Receipts for tax deductions
  • Free product pick up
  • Recognition for the impact you make on our local community
  • Alignment with NTFB through potential benefits and recognition

Should I Worry About Liability?

  • The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects companies from civil and criminal liability suites.
  • NTFB adheres to safe food handling practices and passes regular inspections by the City of Dallas, State of Texas, FDA, USDA and AIB.
  • A recall notification system is in place.

Have Questions?

Contact us at or call us at 214-330-1396.

Corporate Involvement

Looking for a way for your corporation to donate to NTFB? Click here.