Consejos y asociaciones

¡Únase a la lucha contra el hambre uniéndose a un consejo o creando una asociación con NTFB!

Asociaciones corporativas

Let’s build a partnership that makes your corporate values shine.

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HungerMitao del norte de Texas

The North Texas Food Bank Indian American Council donates and raises awareness of hunger in North Texas.

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Consejo LIFE

As engaged ambassadors the mission of the LIFE Council is to leverage our resources, leadership, and influence to close the hunger gap in North Texas.

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Food from the Bar

Food from the Bar (formerly Partners 4 Hope) is an annual competition among the North Texas legal community where participants raise funds to fight hunger.

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Consejo de Jóvenes Defensores

The Young Advocates Council (YAC) is a group of dedicated, entrepreneurial high school students who are passionate about the North Texas Food Bank’s (NTFB) mission to close the hunger gap in North Texas.

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Advisory Council

Representing different sectors and diverse skill sets and expertise, the North Texas Food Bank Advisory Council provides advice, recommendations, and guidance on strategic initiatives identified by the North Texas Food Bank executive team.

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What is SinHambre? SinHambre is an official NTFB cultural Affinity Group led by the North Texas based Hispanic and Latino community. As an Affinity Group, SinHambre members come together to…

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Jóvenes profesionales

The mission of the YP is to create a network of emerging leaders with a desire to get involved in the fight against hunger while growing professionally.

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The Problem 801,000 hungry people in North Texas (1 in 6) 300,000 children may experience food insecurity in 2021 (1 in 5) 13 counties in NTFB’s Service area, spanning 10,000 square miles The Solution…

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