Serie agradecida: agencias asociadas

Este año sin duda será recordado por sus desafíos. Pero también será conocido por aquellos que aliviaron la carga de otros y por la capacidad de recuperación de nuestras comunidades. A medida que nos acercamos al Día de Acción de Gracias, queremos tomarnos el tiempo para reconocer y agradecer a los muchos socios del North Texas Food Bank que son fundamentales para llevar a cabo nuestra misión. Cada día de esta semana, escuchará a un Banquero de Alimentos diferente que expresará nuestra gratitud a los socios que están trabajando con nosotros codo con codo para cerrar la brecha del hambre en el norte de Texas.

Hello All!

My name is Kim Morris, and I joined the North Texas Food Bank in July of this year as the Director of Community Partnerships. In this role, I have the profound honor or working with our food distribution partners including food pantries, feeding programs, and mobile food distribution efforts, to name a few.  

Kim Morris is the Director of Community Partner Relations for NTFB.

My entire career has been spent in non-profit work. While every non-profit is different in its processes and focus, I came to the Food Bank thinking that I knew what I was getting into. Boy was I wrong. Not only was I coming into a different category of non-profit, but it was a pandemic. I knew there was a need. I knew we had hungry neighbors. I watch the news and I had seen the pictures in the paper, but I did not truly understand the work being done in this space or the depth of the need until I saw it first-hand.

In my short time with this amazing organization, I have been honored to witness the work of our more than 200 Partner Agencies. I have seen lines of cars wrapping down neighborhood streets waiting for food. I have seen hundreds of volunteers hefting boxes and bags into cars. I have seen food pantries forced to close their doors, but still find a way to provide food to their neighbors experiencing hunger. These agencies have refused to stop serving, because if they shut down, who will fill this overflowing need? I have seen brilliant people from our Partner Agencies sitting in rooms (socially distanced) working through solutions for the next challenge presented by an ever-changing world. I have seen people working overnight and on weekends to do all that they absolutely can to try to fill the need. I have been truly amazed every day.

Volunteers and staff at an NTFB Partner Agency prepare for a food distribution.

In this time of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all our partners.

  • For the Partner Agencies, selflessly doing all that they can, and so much more,
  • For the volunteers who show up rain or shine, heat or cold,
  • For the NTFB staff who absorb every blow and grow stronger,
  • For the warehouse workers and truck drivers who go that extra mile,
  • For the donors who provide the much-needed financial resources,
  • For the communities we serve whose support is critical.

Overall, I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing network and a cog in the movement towards a hunger-free North Texas. 

Kimberly Morris is the Director of Community Partner Relations for the North Texas Food Bank. You can read our previous “Thankful Series” entries aquí.