Introducing NTFB’s Newest Affinity Group, Nakayoshi

Nakayoshi Initiative brings together the Japanese community to close the hunger gap in North Texas.

(From left to right): James Huang with NiHao Food Bank Initiative, Trisha Cunningham with North Texas Food Bank, Dr. Sam Shichijo with Nakayoshi Initiative, Plano Mayor John Muns, State Senator Nathan Johnson, and HungerMitao founders Raj and Anna Asava.

Nakayoshi Initiative is the newest cultural affinity group to join the North Texas Food Bank in its fight against hunger.

The Japanese affinity group celebrated its founding during an April event at NTFB’s Perot Family Campus that featured State Sen. Nathan Johnson, Plano Mayor John Muns, HungerMitao founders Raj and Anna Asava, NiHao Food Bank Initiative Founder James Huang, and Dr. Sam Shichijo, the honorary consul of Japan in Dallas who is spearheading Nakayoshi Initiative. NTFB President and CEO Trisha Cunningham, as well as other NTFB staff, also attended.

“We’re thrilled to partner with you as together we launch the Nakayoshi Initiative,” Trisha said. “Nakayoshi roughly translates to ‘good friend,’ and we’re excited about having you as friends of the Food Bank as we work together to close the hunger gap and strive for a hunger-free, healthy North Texas.”

Dr. Sam Shichijo thanked Trisha and shared his vision for the Initiative in both English and Japanese to a standing room audience during the launch event at the NTFB.

“Through the Nakayoshi Initiative, the Japanese community is helping bridge the hunger gap in North Texas,” he said. “For the nearly 640,000 people facing hunger in North Texas, it is critical that our community come together to provide children, seniors and adults with a hunger free future.”

Nakayoshi Initiative joins HambreMitao, Nihao Food Bank Initiative y SinHambre as the latest cultural affinity group. Nakayoshi will work to bring together the Japanese community in North Texas to increase awareness of food insecurity while supporting the NTFB’s mission of closing the hunger gap through advocacy, volunteerism and financial donations. Already, the group has scheduled a volunteer shift for later this month.

Raj Asava, Hunger Mitao co-founder, applauded Sam for his commitment to getting the new cultural affinity group off the ground and for supporting those facing hunger in North Texas.

“His eagerness to contribute to NTFB’s mission is truly commendable,” he said.