More than Food on the Table: Stories from NTFB’s Fall Newsletter

Here is some food for thought: providing food-insecure neighbors with access to reliable, nutritious food is an investment in human potential.

In the fall issue of Around the Table, the North Texas Food Bank’s quarterly print and online newsletter, you’ll learn how your support has nourished and inspired Juani, Daniela, Gisela and many others.

Juani and her family frequently cannot afford healthy food, but because of your support, she selects fresh produce and other nutritious options from a client-choice pantry, and she worries less often. Daniela struggled to focus on her schoolwork when she was hungry; she now receives the nourishment needed to thrive in and outside the classroom. Soon after Gisela received food assistance from a local food pantry, she also started volunteering there as well; she wants to give back and help her fellow food-insecure neighbors.

For Juani, Daniela and Gisela – your support provides more than just food on the table. Their stories demonstrate what can be possible when hungry neighbors receive access to critical food assistance. When finding food is no longer a daily hurdle that must be crossed in order to survive, our neighbors can focus on other things. And as the summer comes to a close, and many in our community return to school, imagine what could be possible when hungry children receive the proper nutrition needed to fully focus their attention in the classroom on academic success.

To read more of Juani, Daniela and Gisela’s stories, and learn how you can help nourish human potential, click here to read the fall issue of Around the Table.