North Texas Food Bank High Profile Staffing Truck Revealed

The company’s former owner sponsored a truck to recognize the staffing firm’s mission and support those facing hunger in North Texas.

When Jock Stafford started High Profile Staffing in 1987, he wanted to create a business that provided opportunities for helping others.

“It was built into our culture from the start, and it is still in our mission statement 37 years later,” he said.

That ethos is what drew Bronwyn Allen to the company, and it was her commitment to the vision that led Jock to sell her the business when he retired in 2019.

“I initially joined Jock because his vision for High Profile inspired me. I stayed at High Profile because the values he put in place were the same values that connected me to my personal mission,” said Bronwyn, who took a job at High Profile after moving to Dallas following college more than 30 years ago. “He encouraged everyone on our team to volunteer, give back and make a difference … I purchased the company from him with the commitment to carry on our purpose and mission.”

This week, Jock celebrated the company’s longstanding commitment to others by sponsoring a North Texas Food Bank truck in High Profile Staffing’s name.

“Food insecurity happens more than most of us are aware. It creates family stress, limits learning in children and can lead to long-term health issues. None of this should happen in the proud state of Texas,” Jock said. “Sponsorship of the truck is on one hand to remind the great staff of High Profile that the company is always all about lifting people up and on the other hand to show the public that High Profile is a strong corporate citizen working hard to contribute to our community.”

Along with dedicating the truck, employees from High Profile spent an afternoon volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank this week. Together, the volunteers helped pack more than 18,000 pounds of fresh produce for neighbors facing hunger.

“Volunteering is a great way to make a difference, unite the team and create a deeper sense of purpose knowing we are helping others,” said Bronwyn, who was president of High Profile before becoming its owner. “When we spend time together volunteering at NTFB, we always walk away with a positive mindset of gratitude, and a stronger connection to our mission of ‘helping others reach for their true potential.’”

Jock said he learned about the joy of giving back at an early age while watching his mom, who had a passion for serving their small community in Wisconsin. Being involved in his own community is in many ways a continuation of her legacy.

Bronwyn said they are thankful for Jock’s leadership and for his sponsorship of the NTFB truck.

“It’s a big deal! We are so grateful to Jock for this opportunity,” she said, of the truck. “Our hope is that it will be a continued encouragement to other businesses, volunteers and employees who see it on the road, that it will create awareness for the food insecurity issues in our area and inspire others to make a difference alongside the North Texas Food Bank.”

Kathleen Petty is communications manager for the North Texas Food Bank.